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Steven Darby (left) and Erik Ford (right), owners of Heavy Heavy, a creative studio located in San Antonio, TX.

We are San Antonio designers who partner with local producers to create premium lifestyle products.

Our names are Steven Darby and Erik Ford and we are the co-founders of Heavy Heavy, a creative studio in San Antonio, TX specializing in brand, identity, digital, product and packaging design. Since its formation in 2013, our studio has produced visual communication solutions for worldwide organizations across a variety of markets and business segments.

We are passionate about the discipline of design and are proud of the work we continue to produce for our clients but we have long wanted to apply our expertise to something we could call our own. We just did not know what that “something” would turn out to be.

Okay Decent Human Brand: The Origin Story

As mentors for small business owners in San Antonio through Break Fast & Launch, a renowned San Antonio culinary incubator, we discovered a common problem amongst the participants Heavy Heavy was uniquely qualified to solve—most small businesses are fiscally incapable of tackling the high cost of developing quality branding, digital, and packaging design. Such an investment would be financially burdensome due to the substantial upfront costs.

Most small businesses are fiscally incapable of tackling the high costs of ... quality branding, digital, and packaging design.

The question for us to answer was: How can Heavy Heavy ease that burden and help showcase and deliver quality, local goods to our community and beyond?

Well, we broke it down like this:

The cost of branding and packaging design for small businesses can vary and, on average, small businesses can conservatively expect to invest anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000 for these services.

However, it's important to note that these costs can be significantly higher for businesses with more extensive branding needs or specialized industries such as those in the food and beverage space. Additionally, variable expenses such as revisions, printing costs, and ongoing brand management can further balloon the budget into unknown territory—a frightening concept for any business owner.

Okay Decent Human Brand Firm Grip Roast

So, in 2023, we created Okay Decent Human Brand, a company that joins forces with makers in our backyard to produce and curate select goods we would buy in a heartbeat. The model is simple: Okay Decent assumes all design, marketing, and packaging costs, freeing our partners up to focus entirely on what they do best—make exceptional things we can share with you.

In short, Okay Decent is a lifestyle brand.

We kicked off our endeavor with coffee products and coffee-related merchandise but are ambitious about what Okay Decent can produce in the future.

You can expect coffee-infused BBQ rubs, seasonal coffee roasts, and some tasty tea offerings in the near future. Be sure to keep checking in with us (cue to sign up for our newsletter) for news on upcoming products and the local creators who are doing their thing.

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